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The University of Hard Knocks

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Salam and Greetings.

The University of Hard Knocks. To some yg familiar or dah baca bolehla share jugak or to those new on this topic manatau can help u in anyways.

Story 1 : Lessons from the bumps

One evening as i was speaking, a handicapped woman was wheeled down to the front of the audience. The subject was The University of Hard Knocks. Presently the womans face shining brighter than the footligths

What a smile she gave me, Yes I know about the hard knocs she said. I have been in pain most of my life. But I have learned all that I know sitting in this chair. I have learned to be patient and kind and loving and brave!"

They told, this woman was the sweetest spritted. best loved person in town! But her mother petulantly interrupted me, she had wheeled the woman  to the front . She was tall and satetly and well dressed. She lived on of of the finest homes in the city. She had everything that money culd buy. But her money seemed unable to buy the frown on her face.

"Mr Parlette, she said. Why is everyone interested in my daugther and not me?" and why is my daughther is happy and not me?"  I have not been happy for years!"

Mr Parlette tu jawab :

I dont want to be unkind,  but I really think the reason  you are not happy is that you havent been bumped enough".




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Thank you Cari for the kredit.

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Story 2 - The Widows Mites

The Great Teacher pointed to the widow who cast her two mites into the treasury, and then to the rich men who had cast in much more.  'This poor widow hath cast in more than they all. For all these have of their abundance cast in unto the offerings of God, but she of her poverty hath cast in all the living that she had"

Though the rich men had cast in more, yet it was only a part of their possessions. The widow cast in less, but it was all she had.

The master cared little about the amount of money in the treasury . That is not why we give , we give to become great. The widow had given all - had completely overcome her selfishness and fear of want.

Becoming great is overcoming our selfishness and fear. He that saves his life shall lose it. but he  that loses his life for the advancement of the kingdom of happiness on earth shall find it  great and glorified.


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Story 3 : Theory and Practice

The world is full of theorists and dreamers whohave worthy visioons but are not able to translate them into practical realities .

They go around with their heads in the clouds , looking upward and half th etime their feet are in the flower beds or trampling upon their fellow men they dream of helping. Their ideas must be forged into usefulness upon the anvil of experience

Many of the most brilliant theorists have been the greatest failures in practice.

I used to have respect amounting to reverence for great readers " book people" i used to know a man who could tell in what book almost anything you could think of was discussed, and perhaps the page. He was a walking library index. In my childhood I thought he was the greatest man in the world .

But he was one of the most helpless men I have ever seen in practical life . He seemed unable to think and reason for himself. He could quote a page of Jon Locke, but somehow the page never supplied the one sentence needed for the occasion.

Perhaps he was just an intellectual cold storage plant.

So, in life kita kenalah balance kan..knowledge is big YES practicality in life is equally important,

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