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Add-Ons For Vape Cartridge Box Packaging That Help Your Products And Brand Stand

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What Is Vape Cartridge Box Packaging?

Custom vape boxes have become the norm in the vape packaging industry. These boxes are tailor-made to fulfill specific packaging requirements. Brands want to appeal to customers and enhance their branding at the same time. Thus, they choose to make custom vape cartridge packaging. Customizing vape cartridge box packaging allows brands to create interesting packaging shapes and styles.

Furthermore, you can cater to various packaging needs by customizing the packaging. These needs include but are not limited to product security, marketing needs, enhanced customer experience, and increasing brand recall.  

By using custom vape boxes, brands can select from various packaging materials. Furthermore, they have the freedom to choose various packaging styles. Thus, they can create vape cartridge packaging that offers a comfortable and snug fit to their products. 

However, that is not all. They can use custom prints to make their custom vape cartridge packaging stand out. Custom prints allow brands to create attractive vape cartridge box packaging and use the free real estate on the packaging to create walking billboards. The creative use of custom prints allows brands to make custom printed vape cartridge box packaging that can pull the customers from afar. Furthermore, brands can use custom prints to display different products and services that come under the umbrella of their brand. 

But now the question arises that how can custom vape cartridge box packaging increase the customers’ experience. Well, you can do that by incorporating add-ons into your designs. 

Read on below to know all about add-ons and how they can help endear your customers and increase the likelihood of making repeat customers.  

Exciting Add-Ons For Vape Cartridge Boxes Packaging

Customers want special features that enhance the experience of unboxing the products. There is a reason that unboxing videos have become popular worldwide. They let potential customers know about the experience of handling the packaging of the products. 

Reviewers are always on the lookout for special features that can help increase the experience by adding value to the packaging. Furthermore, suppose your vape cartridge box packaging is studded with eye-catching add-ons. In that case, there is a better chance that customers will be able to distinguish your custom vape boxes from the rest of the crowd. This uniqueness can help pull potential customers to your products, which in turn can help increase your sales. 

Even though add-ons might seem like an investment, the increase in sales can make them a tool to achieve a beneficial ROI.

A usually understated benefit of using add-ons is that they do not cover the entire vape cartridge box packaging space. Thus, you can use multiple add-ons in the same design. This combination of add-ons can help you make packaging styles that are unique to your brand. 

Let’s dive into some popular add-on options that you can avail of when choosing to go with custom vape cartridge packaging. 

  • Embossing

  • Debossing

  • Spot UV

  • Custom Inserts

  • Hot Stamping

  • Window Patching


Embossing is a wonderful add-on if you want to change the texture of the packaging. This add-on works well to promote your brand as you can stamp your brand logo, image, and slogan on the packaging permanently.

Manufacturers use metal dies to raise the image on the packaging surface. Thus, it can provide a unique touchpoint that can help hook the customers. 


Debossing is similar to embossing. However, where embossing raises the image on the packaging, debossing helps depress the image into the vape cartridge box packaging. 

Both these add-ons work very well in combination with other add-ons. One of the most eye-catching combinations is using embossing/debossing with hot stamping. This combination helps raise or depress the image and highlight it, making the brand more apparent.  

Spot UV

Spot UV can be ideal for brands looking to protect their custom prints while increasing the overall visual appeal of the custom vape cartridge packaging. 

Manufacturers cover a specific part of the packaging using a thick liquid which is set using ultra-violet light. This setting process is known as curing and produces a solidified surface that allows light to pass through. Thus, the custom printed colors under the solid are still visible and protected. 

However, it will be helpful to note that you shouldn’t overdo this add-on to make the vape cartridge box packaging look pristine and classy.

Custom Inserts

Custom inserts help enhance the protection of the products inside the packaging. Furthermore, they also help distinguish one product from the other. You can use various materials to make custom inserts. Moreover, you can shape them to fit your products exactly. 

In doing so, you exponentially increase the protection of the products by restricting them from moving as the packaging experiences bumps as it goes through shipping and retail handling.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping can be the ideal add-ons if you want to highlight specific packaging parts using foils that feature gloss, matte, or a holographic finish.

Manufacturers use heat and pressure to stamp the foil to the vape cartridge packaging. The result can be enticing to customers near and far.

Window Patching

The window patching is a fantastic add-on that allows your products to become the center of attention. This add-on lets customers view the products without opening the boxes. 

A precise die-cut machine is used to create custom cuts that are covered using a transparent sheet of plastic.

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